100 first words for little new yorkers

100 First Words for Little New Yorkers by Ashley McPhee, Patrick Gray (Illustrator)

  • $9.99

Little New Yorkers is a cultural education tool for toddlers featuring 100 first words unique to the New York City lifestyle. Colorful illustrations of iconic city landmarks, symbols, and symbols of local pride make this book a delight for children and adults alike, helping them recognize and understand the city they call home.

We’ve got pizza rats and bodega cats. We’ll grab a slice or some bagel and schmear, but don’t even think about calling a “taxi.” Fuhgeddaboudit! A true New Yorker knows it’s a “cab”!

Yerrr! Introducing 100 First Words for Little New Yorkers, a state primer for kids learning their first words! Forget apple and dog. Little New Yorkers are ready to move from ABC to MTA and other New York-specific words like boroughhero, and egg cream (if you know, you know). Packed with hilarious illustrations and 100 words every NYC-dwelling baby should know (before any others, of course), 100 First Words for Little New Yorkers is the perfect board book for families who call the City home. 

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