Nutty Stephs: CBD Dark Chocolate

  • $12.00

Nutty Steph's CBD Chocolate Bar, containing 90mg CBD or about 4 doses

They are proud pioneers of the emerging CBD movement that is taking the nation by storm and rising up with particular force in the great Green Mountain State. CBD is a derivative of the Hemp plant, but is not psychoactive. The oil is being used for chronic pain, anxiety, sleep deprivation and a variety of other ailments, including extreme conditions such as Epilepsy and Alzheimer's, and now the Steph's are infusing a premium line of 70% dark chocolate with CBD oil also made in Vermont. 


A little about this women owned business: Nutty Steph's is a unique, forward thinking establishment that produces exceptional small batch, artisan chocolate and granola products in our retail and kitchen space in Middlesex, Vermont. Our dedicated team of ten works hard each week to bake, create, package and deliver obsessively fresh food. Best of all, we can promise our customers that we use the best ingredients possible including local cream, butter, pure maple syrup and fresh goat's milk caramel, as well as fresh-to-order dry rolled oats and wild grown Ecuadorian chocolate. WE WON'T USE: artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, preservatives of any sort, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or GMO's. Our fabulous products aside, we take great pride in creating an exceptional workplace and advocating for worker's rights across Vermont and the U.S. Nutty Steph's works to expedite the social revolution that will soon guarantee sick leave, family leave, workplace inclusion and living wages to all who labor.