Celebrate French Beauty!

Celebrate French Beauty!


Did you ever dream that you were a French girl? Let us be like Dorothy and kick our feet, close our eyes, and say, "let's be French.” Where did French beauty come from? Je ne sais Quoi! 

Flirting in France is an everyday occurrence for the old and young alike. It makes the French woman feel good to surround herself with beautiful things. The French woman comes first, she puts herself as number one, this makes the French woman’s self-esteem and confidence perfect, and you can feel the charisma of the French woman.

Something else that the French woman has is the joire de vivre, The love of life. The French woman lives life for the moment. Indulge! 

The French woman does not just follow fashion trends. She creates her own style and makes whatever she wears her own. What works for me might not work for you! They are leaders not followers! 


The French woman loves quality and will invest in the best products! Look at the French woman's skin. She glows as she is walking down the street. They do not believe in using too many things, that they believe will hurt your skin and break out your skin! She simply uses a few items that are easy on the skin and help with specific problems. 

The French women use moisturizers that are good for hydration, nothing greasy! The French woman is a minimalist and prefers to take care of her skin instead of covering it up with make-up. 

Look at some of the most beautiful women in France see what they have in common. They are truly minimalists and their beauty shines. The French woman uses what she has, swings her hair, gives a wink, and a smile. You will always want to look back at them! The French woman is magical! 


Nuxe Perfume


The French woman believes that aging is also beautiful and that one must accept what they have. Make the most of what you have. The French woman says enjoy life to its fullest!  We have learned to love so many French Cult products from The French Woman! Some of The French Cult products are: A313, Avene, Biafine, Bioderma, Cicaplast, Embryolisse, Hexomedine, Homeoplasmine, Iluset, Kloraine, La Roche Posay , Nuxe. There are so many to name! 

Let's look at some of France’s favorite beautiful women: Brigette Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, Jane Birkin, Carla Bruni, and Charlotte Gainsberg! 


Goodnight to all! I hope your dream of The French woman has turned into reality. 

Jolie Alony 


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