Thompson Alchemists: Healing Balm+

  • $49.95

Thompson Alchemists Healing Balm + (plus) is unique. Thompson Alchemists Healing Balm + (plus) contains a combination of natural ingredients that have been micronized for maximum effectiveness. Thompson Alchemists Healing Balm + (plus) is a 100% bioavailable formula incorporating full spectrum CBD nanoparticles, arnica montana, salicylic acid, menthol laurocapram. 

The combination provides a 100% natural way to topically relieve body aches by providing pain and anti-inflammatory relief.

How to use: Locate where you are feeling tension, pain, and/or stiffness. Scoop out a dime size and rub in thoroughly. Wait about 5-7 minutes before you decide if you'd like to reapply. Allow our healing balm to aid in the relief of your muscles/joint pains. For external use only.

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